A Duet with Siri


5 Responses to “A Duet with Siri”

  1. Tom Campbell says:

    I love Siri’s answer to the meaning of life.

  2. shutz says:

    Now I want to hear a duet between Siri and William Shatner.

  3. dw_funk says:

    Is this on my iPhone 4S Bingo Card? Yes. Bingo.

  4. voiceinthedistance says:

    Siri seems to have the same dry sense of humor that Wolfram Alpha employs.  Officially, I think they are only providing data, but the more I see, the more they seem to be tapped into WA’s rejoinder engine.

  5. stuck411 says:

    Love how Siri sings “Daisy Daisy Give Me Your Answer Do”, the first song ever sung by a mechanical automaton and was the song HAL sang as his last memory components were removed by Dave. 

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