I, Steve: Steve Jobs In His Own Words -- exclusive preview


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  1. ChurchTucker says:

    The following Steve Jobs quotes are reprinted with permission from the new book I, Steve: Steve Jobs In His Own Words…

    Curious choice of words. They all appear to be quotes from somewhere else.

  2. lukane says:

    I never knew you could ask a book for permission to print its quotes.

  3. Lloyd Kahn was the calligrapher who was the heart of the calligraphy curriculum at Reed.  Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen, and Lew Welch, three fine poets who were at Reed at the same time in the early 1950s, also expressed the advantages and lessons of calligraphy.

  4. brerrabbit23 says:

    I’d buy it, except that the book costs 3x the price of every other bio, will be re-released in a new more popular color next month, and flatly refuses to have any pages.

  5. trackofalljades says:

    I was about to reply with confusion that with “authorized biography” access to virtually anything related to his life, this was the best cover photo (or cover design, or title) they could come up with?

    Then I realized, this is some other book…it’s the Steve-Jobs-is-dead version of when a big movie comes out on DVD and tons of unrelated but similarly titled ones all change their box art all of a sudden.  Lame. 

    Here’s the autobiography which most people who took note of this post are probably more interested in:


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