Internet trolls on SNL

"They’ve been anonymously commenting on the web for years, but some of the Internet’s most prolific commenters reveal themselves and share why they do it." (Via Laughing Squid)


  1. This was  actually pretty funny.  I’m sorry I fell asleep before this skit, SNL.  I couldn’t stay up for the chortles…

  2. Seriously? No one has said, “SNL hasn’t been good since the 70s” yet? That’s the mandatory Internet comment to anything done by SNL since 1979. Not that I agree with it…

  3. This is just an attempt to distract you from Wall Street stealing our moneyz!!1!!1ONE! #OccupyCommentSections

  4. “SNL hasn’t been good since the 70s”  But seriously, what is the audience watching while this tripe is playing out in front of them?  They’re laughing at something – and this skit isn’t it.

    1. If they don’t laugh they don’t get to leave at the end of the night. 

      And that’s when the Rob Schneider comes.

  5. As others have said, this could’ve been funny, but that show forgot what funny is long ago. Or maybe I’m too old to get their special brand of humor.

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