Jan Pehechan-Ho: the badass original dance routine

You might be familiar with "Jan Pehechan-Ho," Mohammed Rafi's Bollywood anthem, from the opening credits of Ghost World, but have you seen the fabulous accompanying dance number from the original film Gumnaam?


  1. I have often stated elsewhere–and still firmly believe–that this is the greatest music video of all time. 

    Talk about leaving it all on the field, that girl puts everything into every head flip and hip shake.  Not to mention the major bonus of riddler masks.

  2. The dance sequence is almost the very first scene in the film. What follows is an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” which unfortunately doesn’t have anything approaching the utter coolness of that scene. It does, however, have some comic relief in the form of Indian actor Mehmood Ali, whose unfortunate hair decisions (Moe Howard haircut plus Hitler mustache) caused some amusement during our viewing party.

  3. I had this song on a CD of Bollywood music issues by a German label (there was at least one other album in that “series”), a couple of years before Ghost World. But I’ve since lost (loaned out to parties unremembered) both discs, and can find no online reference to any compilation album that holds it beyond the GW soundtrack (or a handful of albums from non-German labels that are, in any case, not the same).

    The songs were all, for the most part, just as incredible as “Jan Pehechan-Ho”.

    So it goes.

  4. After seeing the movie years ago (which did a terrible disservice to the graphic novel btw) I went and found some album of Bollywood Swing/Rock, which may be the one OtherMichael is referring to. I really liked it, but I never looked for this scene. Thanks for this Cory.

  5. oh, it’s in a commercial.  i wondered why this song/dance routine was showing up on the radar of some hipster types i know recently.  hipster radar is never random.

  6. How they didn’t end up with neck or spinal damage, I’ll never figure it out. There’s enough energy in this number to light a small city, tho. 

    1. yep, I remember exactly when I first saw this music video right here on boingboing. it’s been in my head ever since!

  7. Best part of the “GW” DVD. And of the movie itself. Enid knows cool shit.

    Anyone know where the translated lyrics can be had?

  8. According to Indian friends, hip moveents are considered lascivious and verboten, hence the wild movements of every other part of the organism.

  9. @ dahlia. It’s a Heineken beer commercial. I am keen to the beer, but I had to roll my eyes when I saw it though.

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