Space Ship Countdown Pillow


3 Responses to “Space Ship Countdown Pillow”

  1. Stefan Jones says:

    Heck, that pillow is the tip of the iceberg. Just part of a whole space-themed bedding set.

    And they have retro-space-toy  advertising artwork:

  2. Strato Head says:

    yes…all cool… but I can’t help but nitpick the name for the bedding line “All Solar Systems are Go!”  

    “ALL SOLAR Systems”?!  There is only one Star called Sol, hence only 1 Solar System…ours. just sayin…

  3. Stefan Jones says:


    I was watching “Big Bang Theory,” last night . . . the “origin” episode in which Leonard describes to Penny how he came to be Sheldon’s roommate.

    At one point they visit Howard . . . who, has, on his bed, the solar system bed comforter shown here:

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