The Revolution Will Be Digitised: how Cablegate, Facebook, Google and the regulation will shape the future


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  1. Thaiis Thei says:

    Typo: “but this the Assange story”

  2. fergus1948 says:

    What? The American news media are biased, controlled and lacking in government-free objectivity????
    I am shocked! 
    Shocked I tell you.

  3. taras says:

    I find it hard to warm to Heather Brooke since her gloating over the LulzSec census hack that never was.

    All it took was one anonymously-posted text file – claiming the hacker group had compromised the UK’s census data – and she was immediately all over the place saying “I told you so!”.  Those of us who posted more considered opinions (and asked why she trusted one, completely anonymous, source) were ignored.

    In my eyes this revealed her to be more of a self-publicist than a journalist.

    Just sayin’.

  4. Lobster says:

    I’m sure Assange is lawyering up, claiming libel.  After all, she seems to suggest he isn’t the physical manifestation of the virtue of honesty, and that is clearly untrue.

  5. Sore Winner says:

    Sounds a lot like Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomski… @ChomskyDotInfo:twitter @chomskidotinfo:disqus 

  6. millie fink says:

    while the US does not have a “public broadcaster” like the BBC or public newspaper subsidies like Norway, it outspends both of them in its formidable press-offices at every level of government and military. In other words, the US doesn’t have public news media, but it spends an equivalent sum on spin-doctors whose job it is to control the narrative in the “free-enterprise” press.

    Thanks Cory, for not reiterating the canard that the U.S.’s “National Public Radio” is public, and objective (as some claim), and liberal (as some others claim). You’re absolutely right–despite the existence of NPR, the U.S. does not have a public broadcaster.

    • bmcraec says:

      Check out this article about NPR from this morning:

      I suppose they might have a problem with a journalist taking sides, but I wonder if the side had been more status quo, would this have happened?

  7. curiouslikeakat says:

    how interesting that Amazon doesn’t even sell this book themselves. It’s all from independent sellers.

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