Frozen armadillo as weapon


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  1. Dani4a says:

    Fun fact: you can get leprosy from eating under-cooked armadillo.

  2. sdmikev says:

    Feels like chicken.

  3. angusm says:

    Reportedly, on March 9, 1991, in the town of Ti Tree, Australia, local Aborigines assaulted some police officers using frozen kangaroo tails as clubs. By the time the police returned in force to make arrests, the evidence had been stewed and eaten.

  4. Mark Cresswell says:

    He misheard her. She asked for an ‘armoured dildo’.

  5. Twist of Lime says:

    Armadillo involved in peccadillo now in spicy picadillo.

  6. Don’t haggle with Texas.

  7. Chuck says:

    I always hated that part of the video game.  The boss at the end had an endless supply of frozen armadillos to throw at you.  Completely unrealistic.

    Can’t remember the name of that game, though.

  8. Finnagain says:

    This has always been my preferred melee weapon.

  9. David Collins says:

    “he chucked the carcass at her twice.”

    Was it on a piece of elastic, by any chance?

  10. ill lich says:

    Armadillo meat is refreshingly disgusting.

  11. Ashen Victor says:

    A frozen armadillo?

    No, Chuck Testa.

  12. Tommy says:

    Poor Armadillo… frozen and put up for sale as if to say; we care not for this Texas animal. Then on top of that its used as weapon in turn being beaten its self, No Respect for the poor Armadillo, But it sure taste good slow roasted. MmmHmm!     

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