Meet Frankie Doodle Dandy


The way he has been burned alive and is smiling about it, Frankie Doodle Dandy would make an ideal mascot for the Tea Party.


    1.  I’m trying to figure out what his “hat” is. An olive? A small mushroom cap, glazed with butter or oil?

      Amazingly, if you stick a feather into it it turns into macaroni.

  1. Well, after all that insane amount of effort, they forgot the stars on the American flag—and isn’t anybody horrified that he’s not wearing any pants?!?!

  2. He “rides in on a toasted English” and yet this German sausage is “All American”. I think that American flag made out of cheese and slathered with corn syrup with a few token greens is pretty apt, though.

  3.  Frankie’s skin is crisp, so he was clearly not just boiled. Was he grilled, split and then steamed?

    1. I was thinking the same.  The crisp follows along the edges of his legs, but the rest is browned up a bit too.  I’m thinking propane/butane torch, ala creme brulee.
      Also, that bun ain’t gonna toast itself under cheese and frank wrapped in foil.

    1. These days, you’d burn more than $.07 of calories just leafing through the magazine to find the coupon on Page 172.

      Does Swift Premium advertise in Italian Vogue? Then it would be page 1,172.

  4. The American flag was totally just an excuse to use pimento. Pimento was a classy ingredient in the 70s.

  5. I’m pretty sure that the hot-dog depicted is a “Ms” and not a “Mr”. For one thing its hair is clearly in a bun (no pun intended) and for another thing that is one wicked badass huge labia it has.

  6. I think I remember this guy from Research Magazine some years back.  He was going by the name Fakir back then.  

  7. “He’s made with delicious cuts of meat.  But not a speck of filler.  In Regular or Beef.”

    What, precisely, differentiated Regular from Beef?  If we can assume that the ol’ “rodent hairs, roach droppings, bug parts” allowance constitutes “filler,” or is indeed common to both, then is Beef simply lacking the severed fingers found in the Regular dogs?

    1. Pork.

      I once saw, side by side in the cooler case, two products by the same company. Looked the same, but the labels were different:

      “Beef Franks”

      “Hot Dogs”

      The latter were $.99, the former about twice that.

    2. What, precisely, differentiated Regular from Beef?

      Pork. Like the jingle said:

      Tender beef!
      Juicy pork!
      Known from the West Coast
      To New York!
      Swift’s Premium Franks!
      Swift’s Premium Franks!

  8. I prefer my dogs to not be laying there with their legs spread. Who knows what has been there?

    BTW regular = lips and assholes. Everybody knows that.

    1. Exactly!
      Forget smiling, this hotdog-man is *spreading* for you at the moment of consumption…

      Subtle come-on or defiant act in the face of death?

  9. I guess it’s pretty redundant at this point to comment on how deeply disturbing it is to contemplate consuming food that is smiling at oneself.

    [But dangit, it’s still mighty disturbing.]

  10. I remember seeing this in one of my mother’s magazines when I was a kid.  It was eeerie to see it again in Boing Boing.

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