8-bit creatures in a music video by Anne Lucht

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Anne Lucht's visual music clip takes you for a trip round the town of Düsseldorf, Germany - the place where electronic music made some huge leaps 30-40 years ago with bands like Can, Neu! and Kraftwerk. A low-res alien gang bopping their heads to Lorenz Rhode's krautrocky tune TELEPHONE HELICOPTER APPLAUSE GUNSHOT.


  1. Man, I don’t like 8-bit sprites and never have, but I kinda loved that video.  And the music grew on me, too.  And here I thought “krautrocky” could only refer to the likes of the Scorpions and Accept.

  2. Charming. Patrick Jean’s work is as well. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xcv6dv_pixels-by-patrick-jean_creation?start=26#from=embed

  3. Brilliant.

    Donald must be the child of another age, because the simple primary colours, blocky shapes,  sounds and motion of sprites can’t but make me smile.

    Still waiting for Pixels the Motion Picture. Someone give Patrick Jean a couple of million $$ and stand back, like they did for District 9, Monsters and 9.

    1. Donald must be the child of another age

      Oh, I was a child of the 8-bit age.  Born in 1969, and certainly played my share of Space Invaders and Asteroids and Berzerk.  But I couldn’t wait for the graphics to improve, and never looked back.

      I kind of have the same issues with retro-80s stuff like Izod shirts and corduroy pants.  Hated wearing that stuff then (thanks, Mom), can’t imagine people wanting to wear it now.  

  4. I really liked most of these toons – the blue breakers!  the Charlie Brown chomper!  Bloopers!  and Slimey! – but the giant rolling eyeball was an ungodly horror that has fractured the sanity of my mind.

  5. Shame they can’t do this in Boston!

    Somebody had to say it. ..


    I’ve always liked author Kodwo Eshun’s description of Düsseldorf as the Mississippi Delta of electronica.

  6. Great, one of the best works at our Visual Music class this year at
    Institute For Music And Media Düsseldorf (www.musikundmedien.net)!

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