Hitler finds out Gaddafi has been killed

[Video Link, thanks @demarko]


  1. Gaddafi’s death may be joyous for some Lybians, but as a lover of justice, murder without court is not the answer. Gaddafi’s many secrets may now never be known.

  2. Youtube desperately needs a “There are subtitles in this video–please put your ads somewhere else” flag. 

  3. Won’t Hitler be allied with Gaddafi? What with them both being amoral, psychopaths who’d happily let their people burn just so they could cling to their last shreds of power.

    1. Dictators fall out. Hitler allied with Stalin, then invaded Russia. So I could totes see him being on Gaddafi’s side at first (just to get the oil), but falling out with him later (so he could get all the oil).

  4. This is a little odd. I had heard the reports earlier today from credible sources that Gaddafi was dead, didn’t think much of it when I started watching this video. Then I realized I’m getting news items from a “Hitler finds out” meme video (if the details about wounds to his legs are true). Then I remembered they’re talking about a real human being who was alive earlier today. Apparently I have not yet become fully jaded from exposure to the internet.

    But yeah, using lesser known scenes from Downfall is genius. More people should do that.

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