Jenny O. -- "Well OK Honey" (MP3)


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  1. skeptacally says:

    the dance routines in the video (along with the infectious pop) made my day.

  2. Somebody ain’t been in a strip club for a long, long time, if you think this is the sort of music they play. Not enough BOOM BAP or hair metal guitar.

    Song’s ok, I guess. But a real strip club anthem is something simple, something that dares you to not remember the chorus.

  3. Navin_Johnson says:

    She makes a fine turkey product too.

  4. Forman Howes says:

    I saw Jenny O open for Ben Harper this summer, she had an enigmatic cool quality and boy she can write great lyrics. Nice to see she is getting more support.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Good pick!

    And why are there only a few Amy Seidenwurm posts on BoingBoing? Moar, encore — get to work!

  6. nosehat says:

    Sound It Out #3: Jenny O. — “Well OK Honey”

    OK, I sounded it out.  Is it supposed to be a pun or something?  If so, I don’t get it.

  7. David Boyer says:

    I was expecting some sort of speculation as to her relationship to Karen O. So I guess I’ll start that rumor now…

  8. lorq says:

    Damned catchy song!

  9. Joseph Veehoff says:

    Or listen to her EP and other stuff here:

  10. Shawn Suther says:

    I happen to like the “Dope Van Gogh” song quite a bit better…

  11. karen k says:

    nice song – thanks boing boing for finding someone outside the music and music critic businesses to turn us on to good music!!!

  12. John Baum says:

    This is one of the tracks in the new Rocksmith videogame.

  13. alphagirl says:

    I first heard of Jenny O. from a BB post awhile back… she’s on that collection of Buddy Holly tribute covers that was blogged here. Her contribution definitely stood out as among the best ones of the bunch, you really felt the spirit of the original.

  14. Patrick Chambers says:

    It was just OK for me…didn’t really sound like anything that most people couldn’t record in their bedroom these days.

  15. benenglish says:

    The last few lines do a fine job of conjuring up the searing pain a man feels when the too-young one walks casually away after planting a knife in his heart.  I wish I hadn’t read the lyrics.

  16. sudsi says:

    Thanks for turning us on to this exciting young artist. This one really shows her vocal abilities…

  17. Shawn Suther says:

    I’m not sure where you get that kind of reaction. It’s not like BB is shilling for UMG/BMG/WMG, or even iTunes.
    Just a cute song by a new face. Perhaps not groundbreaking, but worth a listen.

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