To do this weekend: the Orionid meteor shower


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  1. thatbob says:

    Hmm, is NASA promoting the usage of “world” to describe the moon now?  I have to admit, it seems accurate, if not how I usually would use the word.  For surely, the moon is not of *this* world, and when standing on ot you are given a whole new world view.  Okay!

    Still, it’s hard for me to imagine Earth passing through a meteor shower that the moon did not also pass through. 

    • GregS says:

      I don’t think the word “world” has any exact scientific definition, unlike “planet”, so it’s probably accurate to call the moon a world. Indeed, it would probably be fine to use that word for any body large enough for people to land on – even a small asteroid.

      Incidentally, in old interviews, the Apollo astronauts sometimes referred to the moon as a planet, so even men who actually stood on that body didn’t see a problem with referring to it as such.

  2. formosaman says:

    So where (on the Earth) will this be visible from?

  3. alissa mower clough says:

    I dig meteor showers. Check out the one that begins Sweeny Todd!

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