Trebuchet attack! Elementary school kids build castle siege demonstration for school

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Boing Boing pal Mike Outmesguine shares this excellent video of his son Mikey and his classmates putting on a demonstration for his school. Mike is a wireless technology expert and a fun-loving explorer of DIY-hacker-maker culture, and his son Mikey appears to be following in his father's footsteps. Mike explains:

His class created their own culture faire after learning about ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. His class set up tables and demonstrations for parents and the lower grades at the school.

Mikey, Crashers, and I built the trebuchet from plans featured by John Park on the Make TV show. The kids assembled and were taught how to use it before the faire. His team showed off this trebuchet, a golf ball hurling catapult, a home made crossbow, and sword fighting (along with written info cards and dioramas of the coliseum). Separately, the other teams showed off foods, outfits, gods and goddesses, and how mummies are prepared and set into a kid-size sarcophagus. The mummies all came back to life after being laid to rest. It was at this time that I realized mummies have been replaced by zombies in the modern age.

I declare this to be excellent.


  1. Using children as the counterweight makes so much more sense than using metal weights!

    Mostly because it makes the device easier to arm, and you don’t have to apply any torque until you’re ready to fire. They need to make a full sized trebuchet now, and let people ride in the bucket. I bet it’s fun.

  2. Where is the link to the write up? None of the links provided go to a post about the awesomeness.

  3. When they start hurling flaming bags of dog poop, is when you really know that they’ve fully absorbed the lessons.

  4. “It’s not the thing you fling; it’s the fling itself.” — Chris in the Morning, and apparent intellectual forefather of a certain Burning Man escapade.

  5. … excellent, until some parent raises an objection and gets stuff like this banned (oh noes! they has weapons!!1!).

  6. My goodness what is America coming too!  This week it’s grade school kids with mass siege weapons.  Next week they could be putting siege to wall street or something.  No, I guess not since everybody loves wall street.

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