1980s cartoon heroes as persons of leisure

Obviously, Fab Ciraolo's newly-recovered illustrations of Oldschool Heroes provide more evidence of the ruthless looting of 19A0s culture by the subsequent memetic counterrevolution.


  1. Seriously, Rob, I think you need a tag here for 19A0s. And then go nuts with it like what’s been done here with bananas. “Look at this 19A0s ephemera! Just look at it!”

  2. These illustrations are awesome on many, many levels…but a “slightly NSFW” warning would have been nice before I showed off Care Bear Boobs(TM) to all of my office.

  3. Absolutely brilliant. Love it!
    One million Internets for the Thundercats stuff. Its an old school homage to Katsuhito Akiyama’s work, done in a Mahiro Maeda format. Katsuhito Akiyama was anime’s pseudo “One hit wonder” art director, responsible for Thundercats and some other 80s hits.

    Mahira Maeda however, captures a bit of the crude figurative style of that period, but tosses in an almost psychedelic texture scheme for fills in place of traditional block shading. His series “The count of Monte Cristo” (Gankutsuou) would be the best example of that motif. The patterns represented in this work struck me as “Maeda-esque”. Great stuff!

    I’d grab a few prints of these if possible, but I am a sucker for anything that intertwines memories of my childhood into a modern day representation.

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