Keep Calm and Konami Code

Dann Matthews' variation on the Keep Calm poster is one I can live with. Prints are available for $15 and up. via GamOvr.


  1. Rob, I just want to take a moment to say, in the most heterosexual way possible… I love you. The items you choose to post are always, without a doubt, my favorite things on BB and unwaveringly right in line with my sensibilities. The next time you’re in ATX, I’m buying you a pint or twelve. ;)

  2. “Keep Calm and Carry On” is the motto of my latest project so I thought
    I’d share this with the development team via G+. So I was very surprised when the default graphic Google grabbed was “I’M GONNA HORN F*CK YOUR CORPSE”.

    I’m only posting this to ask if y’all might try and keep the NSFW stuff
    out of story thumbnails. I’ve no problem with NSFW language or graphics
    (heck, I’ve used something similar to that line at least twice today in Chicago traffic!),
    but when they are used for story thumbnails it does put me in an
    unexpectedly delicate position.

    Now I’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do…

  3. As a happily married man, I always enter up up down down left right left right B A SELECT start!

    1. I always remember it with the SELECT press as well, because we didn’t actually have a console in my house because my parents were technophobes, so I always played at my friends house with him.

      1. Select just set the game to 2-player mode. The code essentially ends with with the B A, the (optional, if available on the game) Select would switch the menu to 2-player as you normally would when playing the game… and start, well, started the game. :)

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