Periodic table of swearing


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  1. Doug Black says:

    When I see a “Periodic Table of Periodic Tables”, I’ll know we’ve come full circle and this meme can finally die. 

  2. More then anything else, ever: this object has made me feel truley patriotic.

    there should be one in every classroom.

    actually there should be two in every classroom, for redundancey.

  3. Conor Quinn says:

    And Chris Morris’ voice no less!

  4. Cepphus Grylle says:

    I think further research will demonstrate that many of these are compounds and not truly elements.

  5. fuzzmello says:


  6. TheManagement says:

    The periodic table is much more than just a list.

  7. burningchrome says:

    They totally ripped that music from a much simpler description on swearing.

  8. jennybean42 says:

    If there isn’t already, there really needs to be an app for this.

  9. norak says:

    This ought to be created in Flash for our enjoyment.

  10. bjacques says:

    Malcolm Tucker is made of pure UnF*ckingObtanium (UnFkOb)!

  11. Would love to see a North American one. We speak a different language, and maybe swearing is highly regional?

  12. dahlia says:

    “arseholes for goalposts”??

    i love british swearing.

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