Periodic table of swearing

The Periodic Table of Swearing isn't just a saucy JPG: it's a real-life interactive box that gets down and dirty with everyday English. It was built by Modern Toss—the duo of artists Jon Link and Mick Bunnage—with the design studio Clay. Made with buttons from eightliner-style U.K. fruit machines, the phrases included offer the fullness of British culture, you cock garage.

Interactive Periodic Table of Swearing Extends Your Rude Vocabulary [Wired UK]


  1. When I see a “Periodic Table of Periodic Tables”, I’ll know we’ve come full circle and this meme can finally die. 

  2. More then anything else, ever: this object has made me feel truley patriotic.

    there should be one in every classroom.

    actually there should be two in every classroom, for redundancey.

  3. I think further research will demonstrate that many of these are compounds and not truly elements.

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