Scenes From a Multiverse: wicked webcomic mixes science, net.humor, high weirdness


12 Responses to “Scenes From a Multiverse: wicked webcomic mixes science, net.humor, high weirdness”

  1. a) Love that you featured this, it is a great comic b) Jonathan, not Scott…

  2. TraverJ says:

    The Alt Text on Hover makes these comics even better. Bunnies Planet Zone of the Adorable is great. 

  3. alephxero says:

    I’m a big fan of Cornelius Snarlington, Business Deer.  And if you know what’s good for you, you will be too.

  4. querent says:

    wow.  gonna check this some out.

  5. matt H says:

    “a spoon-loving pinko robot spy who’s gay-marrying himself on space drugs”
    that’s probably the best line from a web comic that i’ve ever read.

  6. strangefriend says:

    John Rosenberg was the first to use Hitler for comic effect on the internet with his ‘Good Hitler’ movies in Goats.

  7. alissa mower clough says:

    Man, I’m gonna have to start getting addicted to webcomics all over again. Sheesh.

  8. GTMoogle says:

    Best:  The hitlercorn icon from this showed up as the summary image when a friend posted the awesome US money story on G+

  9. Stefan Jones says:

    I still have Goats bookmarked and check it once a week or so. But after a year of Multiverse,I really don’t know if I’d care if it restarted. Just too darn convoluted.

    Multiverse is wonderfully twisted. The recent spin on Chalker’s Well World and centaur obsession was hilarious.

  10. fnc says:

    That is some -intensely- good stuff.

  11. Jon Rosenberg says:

    Shucks, you guys. I’m blushing.

  12. nicolehh says:

    Really cool. Thats new, were can i buy it?

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