University of Kansas takes home quidditch title


9 Responses to “University of Kansas takes home quidditch title”

  1. Aaron Spack says:

    Rock Chalk! Now we can be known for being good in more sports than just Basketball.

  2. Jayarava says:

    I’m just trying to imagine a bunch of sad 20-something Harry Potter fans running around with brooms between their legs pretending they can fly.

    If they aren’t flying, and if the balls aren’t flying, if there is no magic involved then in what sense are they playing Quidditch?

  3. Brian Easton says:

    They might be ranked #1 but that’s a long way from winning a title.

  4. Jayarava says:

    EH “fun”. Yeah, if they were 8 or 9… it would be fun. In university students it’s just sad.

  5. Daemonworks says:

    It’s pretty much Harry Potter larp.

  6. Nancy J Gill says:

    “It’s all fun & games until someone gets hurt.”
    My granddaughter broke her collarbone playing quidditch.

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