Post-it watches


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  1. cellocgw says:

    Hey, I use a pocket watch, you insensitive clod!

  2. Shibi_SF says:

    These look cute and handy, with a lot of fun uses for them especially for kids and I like the idea but…

    How many people still wear wrist watches?  My husband and I use our cell phones for time and have pretty much abandoned our wristwatches entirely.   (I also use my cell phone for small reminders).    I miss my wristwatch but (apparently) not enough to replace the dead battery and it remains, just a piece of unused jewelery. 

    • knijon says:

      I don’t think wearing a wrist watch is a prerequisite for finding these useful. If you’ve got something on your wrist you’re going to be mindful of it.  And in fact, if you’re not a usual watch wearer, a post it strapped to your wrist will be difficult to ignore.

    • 秀平 月 says:

      Anybody who wants to be taken even remotely seriously in the business world. Whipping out your cell phone just doesn’t cut it at a job where wearing proper business attire is expected.

    • rabidpotatochip says:

      I still wear a wristwatch.  Aside from the fact that it’s a sexy accessory it also doubles as a compass if the sun is out and most importantly, doesn’t drain the battery looking for a signal when I’m at work (inside a metal structure).  As for the battery thing, if you are looking into a wristwatch check out Citizen’s line of EcoDrive watches; they never need batteries.  I’ve been wearing one for a little over a year and really like it.

    • penguinchris says:

      A watch is really the only legitimate piece of jewelry/decoration a man can wear (especially if they don’t need glasses, like me). It can really pull your look together (even if you wear the same watch no matter the outfit).

      I could never get used to checking the time on my phone… too much work! Plus, my analog watch has an analog stopwatch/timer which is both cool and sometimes very useful. Again, something my phone could do… but not as simply and elegantly and as easy to access.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        A watch is really the only legitimate piece of jewelry/decoration a man can wear…

        If you have some desperate need to prove your legitimacy. The rest of us will remain decked in bangles and nose rings while you work on that.

    • LimeyMelodies says:

      I were one so much so that I have a tan line. And, I just turned 22 on the thirteenth. I’m used to it because I can’t look at my cell phone all the time since I can’t have the thing on me all the time. I do feel for you about your old watch. I usually just by a new watch rather than buying a new battery.

  3. Soliloquy says:

    This is a fantastic idea! I have difficulty remembering anything I’m supposed to do or pick up at the store. This would spare my hands and arms from being scribbled all over, as I normally do, then I won’t have to look like a walking sketch book of a blind, alcoholic tattoo artist.

  4. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    Oh goodie, someone has invented the “WATCH-IT”!

  5. jeligula says:

    Cute way?  I call this genius.  I write myself lots of notes because so much goes on in my head that I lose track of the necessary and the mundane.  Such is the life of one with his head in the clouds, but give me a break.  Classical guitar gigs for extra income (not to mention the constant practice),  commercial art as a living and math as a hobby often leaves me forgetting to buy toilet paper and dish soap when I hit the supermarket after work.  It isn’t often that a new product comes along that truly enhances the quality of life, but I can see that this one is such to me.  I’m putting in an order as soon as I can, and this will be especially effective for me as I don’t wear watches.

    Edit: Ah hell. My French is rusty and I don’t have Euros. Paypal currency conversion?

  6. Mister44 says:

    I prefer just the regular square ones. They fit on your iPad or Smart phone better.

  7. NealDeesit says:

    Mysteriously, no matter how erroneous the text written on this “watch,” it’s right twice a day.

  8. This isn’t going to make me stop writing stuff on my hand.  Just for the record.

  9. I’d probably knock it off somehow and not notice.

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