Connectors Quiz!


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  1. Digilante says:

    Come on, give us a real challenge ;-)

  2. Rob Kendrick says:

    The correct answer is not offered on several of the questions, so I selected the least wrong ones.  And got 100%, even though I’ve never heard of that spade connector thingy.

  3. betatron says:

    i missed one.   turning in my card…

  4. phisrow says:

    Oh, they really turned up the easy mode on this one.

    I absolutely knew that I was out of the woods when the correct answer was “SCSI connector”, rather than “Which May god have mercy on your doomed soul…”

    • bibulb says:

      Oh, man, good times. “I’ve got a Jaz, a Zip and an external CD-ROM, and they’re all SCSI, and they all have different ports.”

      (Bonus fun : “Which one(s) need a terminator and where, and what order do they need to go in?”)

      There are some things I miss about the old Macs. SCSI voodoo is not one of them. 

  5. webmonkees says:

    “Ethernet connector” should be labelled ‘RJ45 connector” (It’s used for more than Ethernet)
     (bonus question should have been ‘straight-thru or crossover?’)

    VGA connector might be known as a SVGA connector (wrong # of pins) Although I will admit VGA connectors don’t show up much in the field, but that’s a topic for legacy nitpickers.

  6. Maverick says:

    I’m nitpicking, but the RCA connector is also coaxial.

  7. bibulb says:

    Their testing methodology leaves a bit to be desired – as someone else noted, they have some examples named by their use and others named by their connector type. Also, if you’re going to ask us to identify a type of connector, don’t show it to us in such a way as to occlude part of the connector. The PS/2 example where I couldn’t see half the pins made that one a little harder.

  8. Quibbler says:

    Number 4 is a phono and number 6 is a centronics.

  9. Robert Cruickshank says:

    Yes, don’t confuse connector styles with the signals carried on them.  For instance there’s no such thing as an “RS232 connector”- while it’s common to see it on a DE9, there’s actually no connector specified in the spec.

  10. Chris Hudson says:

    I totally shouldn’t got 100% and been proud of it, right?

  11. nixiebunny says:

    I was hoping that there would be some obscure connectors. The USB 3 was the closest thing to obscure, as it’s brand-new. And to the person who called the SCSI connector a Centronics connector, the number of pins is important. SCSI is 50, Centronics is 36. They’re actually Amphenol ribbon connectors, dating from the 1960s and first used in telephone systems.  A larger version was used in the back of Tektronix oscilloscope plug-ins in the 1950s.

    I could go on, but I won’t.

  12. . says:

    Yeah, I was expecting something challenging. I suppose we could use it a work to weed out the dimmest of job candidates.

  13. I only got the spade connector correct because I have one as a necklace.

  14. Just Thalia says:

    Umm, yeah that was way too eassssy. 100% here yo!

  15. Robert Cruickshank says:

    If there was some kind of quiz that would keep people from jamming 3.5mm phone plugs into the holes in RCA connectors, I would support that. 

  16. Shawn D'Alimonte says:

    RJ-45 also implies a certain type of phone circuit is connected to the connector.

    Also I was annoyed that the F connector was just called “Coaxial RF connector”.  Do they not realize just how many RF connectors there are?

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