New edition of Made by Hand - win a Kindle


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  1. John Farrier says:

    I enjoyed the book and recommend it — especially the rule that failure is acceptable so as long as you learn from it.

  2. chrispwalsh says:

    I’m interested in the kindle edition but it’s currently listed at $23.91. That has to be a mistake, right?

  3. Mark_Frauenfelder says:

    I spoke to the publisher. The Kindle will go to $9.99 when the paperback comes out. I don’t understand it and I don’t like it. Sorry.

    • chrispwalsh says:

      Thanks Mark. I figured it was an error related to the release of the paperback. I appreciate the response and look forward to reading your book.

  4. Guest says:

    New good book day! Hurray!

  5. gmaniPhone says:

    Just bought the last stocked hard cover edition at Amazon. Great book! I was surprised the Kindle version was listed at twice the price as the paperbook. Glad to hear it was a mistake tho I’d have preferred the non dead tree edition. Seemed rather ironically digitally unfriendly for a BoingBoing founder

  6. Bob Webb says:

    I read the first two chapters – bloody hell this is good! This makes me want to hack *all of the things*.

  7. John Berry says:

    Not a pricing error – just more publisher hijinks. I would buy the Kindle right now but I am going to buy used. Maybe the publisher will think twice in the future before instituting some arcane 20th century pricing policy.

  8. Adam Parfrey says:

    What a great cover!

  9. Denise Murray says:

    Will the new edition be available as a Nook book? I’m really interested in kombucha and want to make sure I get the right edition.

  10. John Berry says:

    OK! Buying the Kindle version. And, because I have a paper and ink fetish, I will be getting a printed copy.

  11. Doobie says:

    how about you send me the pdf and I’ll buy the paper and ink so I can make it myself?

  12. Thatch says:

    Mark you need to talk to the publisher again – The Kindle version is listed as 14.25 and the paperback is listed as 10.88. Hope it’s successful for you but I’ll pass until the pricing settles down.

  13. TheMudshark says:

    Really like the new cover, although the Japanese one (featured earlier on BB) still takes the cake for me. I think I´ll finally get it now.

  14. tylerkaraszewski says:

    If I win the Kindle, do I get a handmade Kindle, or just a regular mass-produced one?

  15. Mark_Frauenfelder says:

    The contest is over and I selected  a winner. However, she has not replied to my email. I will remind her and if I don’t hear from her, I will pick another name.

  16. Guest says:

    If she doesn’t respond, it’s cool if I win, or (cough) if you draw my name.

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