Creative Commons fundraising drive

Jane from Creative Commons sez,

Today marks the official launch of the 2011 Creative Commons Annual Campaign! Please join us in powering the future of openness! This year, we are offering a limited teal edition of the CC "I love to share" t-shirt to everyone who donates $50 or more (until supplies run out). For those who donate $300 or more, in addition to the t-shirt, we are offering beautiful hard copy editions of The Power of Open, stories of creators sharing knowledge, art, and data using Creative Commons.

The world is experiencing an explosion of openness. From artists inviting creative collaboration to governments around the world requiring publicly funded works be available to everyone, the spirit and practice of sharing is gaining momentum and producing results. We post about these results frequently; subscribe to the CC newsletter for a distilled monthly rundown.

Creative Commons relies on donations to build and constantly improve the technical and legal tools that enable openness to flourish. The future of openness is bright, but ensuring that future requires urgent and sustained effort. CC is continuing to improve the usefulness of our licenses and helping even more artists, institutions and governments share their works. We are reaching a critical mass and need your support now more than ever.

You are the Power of Open: 2011 Creative Commons Annual Campaign (Thanks, Jane!)


  1. So let me get this straight.

    I’ve written a short story. I am happy (in fact, keen) for people to share and reproduce it, but I don’t want anyone to change it, make money from it or pass it off as theirs.But I wouldn’t mind keeping the right to make money from it myself.

    Does that sound like a CC licence is for me?

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