Lamps made from plumber's pipe and fixtures

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11 Responses to “Lamps made from plumber's pipe and fixtures”

  1. geekcalif says:

    They just look like plumbing parts with bulbs in them.

  2. hnrk isbn says:

    Where did the…actual gadgets go?

  3. knijon says:

    Coming soon to Restoration Hardware for one meeelion dollars…

  4. travtastic says:

    It’s… ugly.

    I’d very much prefer something like this, although I’d rather do 15 minutes of work than pay for it.

  5. TimRowledge says:

    Made a good chunk of the lighting, and all the towel rails & bathroom bits for my new house, out of plumbing pipe and EMT conduit parts; they go very nicely with a farm/industrial aesthetic. Next project is probably using 2″ pipe fittings for a desk.

  6. Handsomepants says:

    Very Julia Roberts in “Runaway Bride”, n’est-ce pas?  Dig the X wall lamp, for sure.

  7. jimh says:

    I love lamp.

  8. dagfooyo says:

    These are great!  I would want to hook one up to my actual plumbing system, perhaps add a water turbine generator so the power comes from the water pressure as well.

  9. SamSam says:

    I actually spent some time trying to build something like this (actually, more like travtastic’s link, but with a bulb coming out), and it was surprisingly hard. You don’t want a short that can electrocute anyone that touches it, and getting the faucet to act as a switch is definitely non-trivial.

    I should try again sometime, but I’m not sure if I’ll get further.

    • sudoLoki says:

      “You don’t want a short that can electrocute anyone that touches it”

      Depends, are you giving the lamp to someone you like?

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