Lamps made from plumber's pipe and fixtures

Etsy seller ZALcreations makes crazy-wonderful lamps. My favorites are the ones that run their wiring through plumber's pipes and use faucets as on/off switches, but then there's the skateboard vanity light. Woah.

via Core77)


  1. It’s… ugly.

    I’d very much prefer something like this, although I’d rather do 15 minutes of work than pay for it.

  2. Made a good chunk of the lighting, and all the towel rails & bathroom bits for my new house, out of plumbing pipe and EMT conduit parts; they go very nicely with a farm/industrial aesthetic. Next project is probably using 2″ pipe fittings for a desk.

  3. These are great!  I would want to hook one up to my actual plumbing system, perhaps add a water turbine generator so the power comes from the water pressure as well.

  4. I actually spent some time trying to build something like this (actually, more like travtastic’s link, but with a bulb coming out), and it was surprisingly hard. You don’t want a short that can electrocute anyone that touches it, and getting the faucet to act as a switch is definitely non-trivial.

    I should try again sometime, but I’m not sure if I’ll get further.

    1. “You don’t want a short that can electrocute anyone that touches it”

      Depends, are you giving the lamp to someone you like?

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