Rogue Drummers, Disobedient Cops, Oakland Evictions: An Occupy Round-Up

"Occupy protests are tough to keep up with, having spread across the four corners of the nation, and beyond them into the net," Quinn Norton writes at Wired Threat Level blog. And she's right. But she's doing a great job with these live-blogs.


  1. I love hearing from the neglected towns that are only mentioned in Warner Bros cartoons and old movies. Occupy Walla Walla! Occupy Muncie! Occupy Chattanooga! Occupy Sheboygan!

    1. Chattanooga may only be heard of in Cartoons in your neck of the woods… but if you live in the South, or spend enough time there… it comes up quite often.  Especially if you ever want to drive between Nashville and Atlanta. It’s got a decent Aquarium.

      1. Sorry, I knew this would come up. I live in a smaller town with a less exotic name, and I hate when people talk about the Midwest or most of the country as “the flyover states”.  For people who don’t travel much, it’s easy to get into this mindset that there are a few big important cities, and everything else is unimportant redneck territory. I realize from a little bit of travelling that there’s a lot going on all over, and all of it’s important to the people who live there.

      1. You’re right. Four major manufacturing and research industries closed and/or moved (primarily out of the country for cheaper labor); the only city in Indiana to lose population steadily over the last ten years. Muncie has every right to be pissed off.

  2. That bit of news from Albany is quite a watershed event.  

     An unnamed police official told the Times Union, “We don’t have those resources, and these people were not causing trouble. The bottom line is the police know policing, not the governor and not the mayor.”

    1. Keith Olbermann interviews Albany’s District Attorney on the decision not to arrest or prosecute the Occupy protesters. It appears that they HAVE heard of the Streisand Effect in upstate New York.

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