Today in lost diversity

It's October 25, 2011, and another subspecies of the Javan rhinoceros has gone extinct. There's only one subspecies left, and it's down to 50 individuals.


  1. Part of me understands that these poachers have families to feed, and it’s hard to tell them that an animal is worth more than the life of their starving child.

    The other part understands that they also can’t feed their child if there are no animals left to poach. 

    1. I doubt they are feeding their starving families off of a couple of rhino horns.  Probably opportunists looking for some quick cash.

  2. I have more sympathy for the rangers who often risk death to protect these animals despite ridiculously low salaries.   They have families too.

    1. The great thing about ineffective magical cures made from endangered animal parts is that they work equally well for any condition. Already have a pill that cures impotence? Well good news, friend. Now you can use Powdered Rhino Horn to treat cancer!

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