Trailer Tuesday: The Elephant in the Living Room (2010)

[Video Link] The Elephant in the Living Room is a 2010 documentary that "exposes the controversial American subculture of raising wild predators as common household pets." It's not on Netflix yet, but you can buy or rent it on Amazon.


  1. My cousin has a savannah cat.  Picture a leopard.  Now picture it about 10% smaller.  Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

    1. Uhhh… a male Leopard weighs up to 200 pounds while a male Savannah Cat weighs up to 20 pounds.  That’s not exactly 10% smaller!

      And yeah, the Bengal Tiger deaths were very, very sad.  My fear is that it will result in some knee-jerk legislation and not a considered, rational debate and well written legislation.  Actually, that’s not my fear, that is my prediction.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was suddenly against Ohio law to own ferrets.  200 years with very little problems and one incident will result in a panic that leads to yet another poorly written, hastily enacted law on the books.  I wish people would learn from history.  [and no, I don’t have any exotic animals, I just think laws should be more carefully thought out.]

    1. 18 Bengal tigers died.  Out of 1,400 left on earth.  That alone is enough reason to address this problem.

      1. From the article: “Federal officials said the government had no jurisdiction over the farm under either the Animal Welfare Act or the Endangered Species Act because the animals were held as private property and were not exhibited or being used for other commercial purposes.”
        Seems like a loophole waiting to be closed.

  2. My opinion and outlook on the ownership of exotic, wild animals as “pets”?

    It begins and ends with a nightmare-fuel mental image of that lady who had her face bitten and torn off by a supposedly domesticated chimpanzee.

    1. They go for the face, hands, and privates. I don’t need to know the science behind why something wants to rip my cock off, I’m happy enough knowing they just do. 

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