Design classics of Soviet-era Czechoslovakia

Nanovo Shop sells hand-picked vintage housewares and designy tchotchkes and doodads from Czechoslovakia's Soviet era.

NANOVO shop (via Core 77)


  1. heh, looks like i can start selling out the old stuff in my grandparents basement and loft.

    The wrist watch, .5l beer mug and modular table lamb looks interesting tho.

  2. it’s a good thing I understand some Russian because I can’t tell what the hell half of those things are by looking at them.

  3. Have always loved these clock and watch faces. Wish I knew of some affordable, similar looking watches available here in the states. At 77 euro, that mounted hanging clock is a bargain!

  4. I’ve got that chair with ottoman in my living room. Good to know other people think it’s awesome too. I guess I’ve got good taste.

  5. Wow! Prague spring! Makes me want to read Vaclav Havel and cheer! (with beer, of course…)

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