Gaddafi wrote a creepy love song for Condolezza Rice

“And then he said, ‘I have Libya’s best composer, most famous composer write this song for you,’ and it was called ‘Black Flower in the White House.’”—Condolezza Rice, describing her stalker, Muammar Gaddafi, in The Washington Post.


  1. Was there anyone weirder than Quaddafi to be stalked by? 

     Michael Jackson might have given him a run for the money (if we were talking about Webster or MacCully Culkin.)

  2. hmmmm…actually, they _do_ share some facial features, a certain poise and a kind of je ne sais quois…maybe this was a matter of genetic attraction on a subconsciuos level, a mitochondrial urge to procreate far stronger than racial or religious concerns…reaching out over the cultural abyss, here was a man willing to sacrifice everything, ruler of a nation, yet slave of his dna…

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