The biped robot which rides on a bicycle

[Video Link] Get out of the way, Big Dog: here comes "the biped robot which rides on a bicycle." (Via nerdstink)


  1. Oooh, just think of the military applications!  An army of bicycle riding robots that wave at the terrorists whilst mowing them down with machine guns?  Want.

  2. He looks really smug, like he thinks he’s better than me.  I’d like to kick his little metal face off.

    1. Umm…what does the robot run on?

      The cycling action generates energy to power the robot.

  3. OMG.  My father, a NASA pilot for most of his life, used to use exactly this as the threshold capability, when discussing aircraft autopilot systems with designers.  The designers were always saying “this system can replace the pilot!” and my dad would always say, “call me when your system can ride a bike over rough ground.”
    And now they’re there.  Almost.  Practically.

  4. Cute robot but surprised the designers chose that the robot should move it’s arms to turn rather than the simpler neck bending to alter balance.

  5. Not one shot of the the robot stopping THEN starting, all are cutaways from stop to re-start…..Why?  Some kind of flaw. 

  6. I think this is one of the creepier robot videos I’ve seen, and I’m a guy that welcomes our future robot overlords!

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  8. Now I’m not sure if this was a serious comment or not… but bending your neck does not steer a bike. It might make it lean to one side or the other, but you can’t make a bike turn by just leaning it (while still keeping your front wheel perfectly straight). Try it!

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