Time lapse digital painting


[Video Link] It's fascinating to watch UnidColor create his digital paintings. For the one above, he started by laying down some photos of the woods behind his house as a "texture wall." As he paints in Photoshop he warps, flips, and resizes the work many times. The result is terrific. Here are some other interesting paintings by UnidColor: Explorer | Team Fortress Farm Map | To the Mountains | Abandoned House | Blizzcon 2010 | Exotic house | Environments


  1. Very talented artist – but I think fine artist and illustrator, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, was right in regards to digital painting:  http://web.archive.org/web/20080516223330/http://www.ulster.net/~jonesart/disasters2.html

  2. I think this video explains one of the things that made the original picture look slightly odd but that I couldn’t place; he removed his “handedness.”  Because one arm isn’t symmetrical artists on paper and computers tend to prefer strokes in some directions more than others, and it is often possible to tell which hand a piece was drawn with.  But UnidColor removes this all together by mirroring the image which has the effect of brush strokes in the opposite direction.  Very interesting. 

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