Edible Venn diagram: the piagram

I can't find any further info on this Venn piagram, but surely it belongs in the annals of great math related food humor.

Update: It only took nine minutes for more context to arrive, courtesy of adamhst in the comments: this was created by Redditor HungryHungryHippy in celebration of the last Pi Day.

Venn piagram.


  1. There are at least three Pi days.   3-14,  6-28 (2pi)  and November 10 —> 100 Pi day julian calendar. 

  2. I’d rather do the trick with pasta, or pizza, if you want to keep the “pie” theme up, since the superimposed ingredients are tastier!

  3. Why not do an “exclusive or” piagram? No mixed ingredients and the intersection is good for dieters.

  4. Why do people insist on overfilling pies that should not be overfilled?

    That crumble looks like the comb over on a middle-aged Porsche owner.

  5. Cool. The only kind of diagram I ever make out of pie are pie charts which represent the amount of pie remaining in my pie dishes. They are surprisingly accurate though- and they get updated in real time, too.

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