Changes in U.S. Consumer Spending, 2007-2010


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  1. theflusheddotcom says:

    I think bathroom toilet tissue should have it’s own line item.

  2. Guest says:

    I would have guessed instead that ‘processed vegetables’ referred not to canned goods, but that rather large section now in our produce area selling packaged cleaned lettuce, baby spring greens, baby spinach and arugula.

    BTW, I tried throwing a handful of fresh spinach into my smoothies and it was still delicious.  The color was a little different, that’s all.

    • ChicagoD says:

      The ever-expanding selection of flash frozen vegetables might also be in this category. The steam-in-bag technology marketed since 2007 makes it more popular.

      • Palomino says:

        Yes, per government website: Processed Vegetables includes canned, dried, and frozen vegetables, and vegetable juices.

  3. Jim Moskowitz says:

    I find the explanation of Nominal versus Real to be confusing, especially the second half of the sentence “So the light blue bars tell you the absolute change in what we’re spending; the dark blue bars, the change in spending relative to how much we’re buying.”

    Am I right that you could more simply say: the light blue bars show the change in dollars spent on that category; the dark blue bars show the change in the actual number of that product (amount of that service) that was purchased?

    • agthorn1981 says:

      That’s basically how I understood it too. It’s most obvious in the tobacco products category – total “nominal” spending is up because cigarettes are so much more expensive/taxed than they were a few years ago, but fewer people are buying them so the “real” spending is down.

    • Palomino says:

      I think it refers to “‘Realized”. Real, as in substantial, maybe way outside the +/- error boundaries. 

  4. Ben Burger says:

    What does nominal mean?

    Never mind, maybe I should have read the article haha

  5. valronj says:

    The education indicators are frightening!

  6. L_Mariachi says:

    I’d have thought the Alcoholic Beverages category would have gone way up. At least I’m doing my part!

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