Shape Type: typography game of graceful curves

Shape Type is a new HTML5 typography game from the creator of Kern Type; this time around, you have to drag curve-adjustment tools to perfect letterforms.

Shape Type (via Waxy)


  1. +1 with PaulR here. I used to spend hours in Corel, and later Illustrator drawing logos over scans from originals because either the font was unavailable or it had been drawn up in the first place but no a/w was available. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job back then, prior to training as a scanner operator on a Crosfield drum scanner and photoshop retouching the scans. Damn, I LOVED that job.

  2. I spent SO much time in my younger days doing exactly what CountZero and Thorzdad describe that I can’t honestly say I loved my job, but it was a cut above working at a pizza restaurant. I still handle vectors often enough that I don’t want to play a game that involves it! 

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