HOWTO make a steampunk pumpkin

Brute Force Studios's Thomas Willeford wrote this great guide to steampunking your jack-o-lantern to make a "Steampunkin." Awesome.

Behold, the Steampunkin! (PDF) (via Neatorama)


  1. Wow, someone doesn’t like Steampunk, so they crap on someone who did something fun and cool for halloween. 

    Steampunk may or may not be tired, but I know that internet wankers who rush to piddle on everyone who isn’t quite as hip as them are definitely getting tiresome.  I mean sheesh, if you don’t like steampunk, why even open the comment box on a steampunk post?

  2. I love it! … then again I would, since I am the one who made it. If you would like to critique the piece up close and personal please feel free to come over, we’ll have tea.

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