Hideous "bespoke library" with pre-selected books: $125,000

For people who have more money than time, taste, or intelligence: The $125,000 "bespoke library" from the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.

The publishing house renowned for its beautiful volumes and cultural perspective is offering the ultimate enriching addition to your home: a bespoke library. From floor to ceiling and wall to wall, every nuance of this room will reflect Assouline’s brilliant style—through custom carpeting, objets d’art, and beautifully framed prints—as well as your intellectual viewpoint. When the decor is complete, the shelves will be lined with a one-of-a-kind Assouline collection, consisting of 250 current and vintage volumes in the genre of your choice. Enjoy published works from the world’s foremost artists, photographers, writers, architects, interior designers, and fashion and culinary masters. With this purchase, Neiman Marcus will donate $2,500 to First Book, an award-winning nonprofit organization that provides access to new books for children in need throughout the U.S. and Canada. One custom-built library is available.

As the Minnesotastan of Tai-wiki-widbee says, "Deck chairs in a library?  A font on the floor?  That couch?  Could any decor be less appealing?"

Needless Markups Presents the 85th Edition of Its Legendary Christmas Book

Notable Replies

  1. PatRx2 says:

    Books that won't be read and furniture that isn't suitable for engaging in a reading session... Leaving aside the remarkably poor taste, that's a waste.

  2. jerwin says:

    I remember that library, from back in 2011. Did it not sell?
    (hint, hint, hint)

  3. PatRx2 says:

    I missed that. @Falcor, cleanup in this aisle - another escapee from the past.

  4. Chaz1 says:
  5. Exactly. This would be Donald Trump's library if he ever had use for a library.

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