Russia dumps daylight savings

Most of Europe's clocks fell back by an hour last night, but not Russia, which will stay on "summer time" forevermore. Or until it changes its mind again.


  1. IIRC Russia used to be on permanent summer time during the Soviet era too.  No idea if it was symbolic (“Soviet Union is ahead in all way, even the clocks.”), or a practical measure though.

    1. Yup.  They’ve dumped standard time, not DST.  Personally, I much prefer fake time to standard time.  I wish we’d do it here.  I’m dreading switching to that evil “real time” where it gets dark long before I’m even out of the office.  I don’t mind dark mornings…it makes me feel like I got up early! (which always makes me feel responsible and productive).

      1. I wish we could just stay on DST too.  The early darkness after the switch is depressing. And ‘spring forward’ isn’t much fun either.

      2. I am completely the reverse of this. I don’t care how early it gets dark (then again maybe it’s because I leave work when it’s dark regardless), but I really can’t stand dark mornings. Makes me feel that I did not get enough sleep. I would not mind DST being abolished, but I would be quite unhappy if standard time disappeared.

  2. If it’s on permanent summer time then it’s ditched standard time, not daylight savings. IOW it’s always on “daylight savings” now.

  3. “Do you know how many time zones there are in the Soviet Union?”
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    “That’s ridiculous.”
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    “Do you know how many time zones there are in the Soviet Union?”
    “It’s not even funny.  How many time zones?””Yeah. We have, we have four in this country, right?”(Hello?)”How many time zones?””Yeah.”(Hello? Yes.)”One, two, three . . .”
    “Four in this country, right?””Uh, yessir.””Mm hm.””Uh, four . . .One, two, three . . . yessir.”

    1. I don’t get it. Is the funny part that they have four time zones? We also have four in the US…

      Edit: Oh, right. USSR had 11 time zones or so. Quite.

  4. my solution to the BS time changes:

    next time, change it 1/2 hour and KEEP IT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

    DST is dumb

  5. I’d forgotten BST ends today; I wondered why it was dark so early 0.0

    Damn you technology and your automatically changing clocks!  YOU THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN ME!?

  6. Cory sed:

    Russia dumps daylight savings… Russia will stay on “summer time” forevermore.

    It’s amazing how many people think, like you, that “daylight savings” happens in the winter, and that summer time is the norm. I remember even my parents telling me that “daylight savings” existed so that kids wouldn’t have to wait in the dark for the morning school bus in the winter.

    So weird that this misconception is so common. I wonder why? It would be interesting to find out.

  7. I’ve decided that it’s really stupid that the home of Greenwich Mean Time is also seriously considering changing our clocks so that the time in Greenwich will always be GMT+1.

    Personally, I don’t see the need for the clock changing at all.  The only reason we have it is because of an outdated need for “fixed” work hours.  Once upon a time it made a sort of sense for the work day to always be from 9am to 5pm and it helped for it to be light during that time.  But that no longer applies.  There is no need to adjust clocks so that it is light in the “evening” on the mistaken belief that “evening” are the hours between e.g. 7pm and 10pm.  They aren’t.  

    Indeed, there seems to be quite a lot of anecdotal evidence that those workplaces and schools that work to timetables that suit their employees/students, rather than some artificially imposed “standard” are more productive and less stressful.   

    1. I work at a place where our schedules are very relaxed, but I’ve never heard of a school that does this. Are there many like that, and what do they do when a student decides that his “best” working hours are between 4 in the afternoon and midnight?

      1. I think there are a few schools in my city that offer the same courses in the first hour or two in the morning and then again in the last hour or two of the afternoon – just the same as universities offering different sections of the same course at different times.  That lets students (or more realistically, for the younger ones, their parents) choose from two or three possible schedules, and get all the same courses in.

  8. They’re just treating the symptom, not the cause.

    They should stop dicking around with the clock (I like B. Franklin, but it wasn’t his best idea), and figure out how to make the days longer in the winter! If anyone could do it, it would be the FSU.

  9. This guy has some very interesting stuff to say on whether DST is even relevant these days, and it’s affect on suicide rates

  10. Good for them. The entire idea of changing your clocks back and forth throughout the year is misguided and provides zero benefit.

  11. The rationale that it’s “for the farmers” is stupid too. Farmers don’t care what a clock says, their schedule is set by the sun. Sun comes up, you got to go milk the chickens. Sun goes down, you put the mule in his little house so he doesn’t fall asleep in the field and get eaten by wolves. I am not a farmer but as far as I know that is the gist of it. 

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