Adorable Minecraft creeper and candy


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  1. tasark says:

    SO GOOD! Adorable to the extreme. I really want to make one now.. but I’m a grown-up so it’s not as cute =

  2. Kommkast says:

    Creepers gotta creep.

    Also, Thats some nice candy you have there…. ssssssssss

  3. Blunderbutt says:

    When I was a kid my mom went above and beyond to sew me a Purple Tentacle costume from Day of the Tentacle (and from Maniac Mansion, but that was before my time).

    Much neon nylon was involved, and it looked great.

  4. Adorable, Wonderful.

    My haloween costumes never made it past the ‘celotape a few black bin-bags together’ and maby ‘buy a cheep mask form the store’. Im glad modern kids are getting some things better then historical kids.

  5. lvl99 says:

    I love how kids are really embracing Minecraft. It’s like digital Lego!

  6. Jim Schmidt says:

    We had a creeper come though our neighborhood last night as well. Thankfully nobody involved thought it was weird when I asked to take his picture :)

  7. Thanks, guys! Elf Princess is thrilled she now gets a Geek Merit Badge.

    I’ve put together a DIY for how she created the costume in the event you want to do it for next year.

    -One Proud Mommy

  8. iamthechad says:

    Seems like creepers were popular this year. My son went as one too.

  9. wizardru says:

    My son probably wouldn’t have wanted to meet her while trick or treating:

  10. jwilkinson says:

    yeah, i stayed up all night painting a creeper too!

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