The 2011 DIY Halloween costume open thread

One artfully torn dress from Goodwill, white face paint, and some of that hairspray-style hair dye to color my hands and feet = A weekend of explaining what a "wight" is to people who have never read Game of Thrones. (Sadly, the cheap blue contact lenses I picked up at a gas station wouldn't go into my eyes successfully.)

What did you dress up as this year?


  1. Wow Keith that’s pretty much the saddest thing I’ve seen in print for a long time. Not just that you don’t enjoy the joie de vivre of dressing up in silly costumes just for the fun of it but that you had to share that (and presumably belittle those that do) to everyone on the internet – go you!

    My wife and I dress up as a mad scientist and his creation which went down a storm around here.

    1. I think we can let you off with that one :)

      I’m pleading “just got back from honeymoon”.

      Oh, and grow up Keith.

    1. Brilliant idea with the squid arms you just hold in your hands.  This could potentially be one of those costumes that are a huge pain-in-the-butt to wear all night and hold a drink with, etc, but you very creatively worked around that.  Nice job.

      1. Thank you!  The squid arms are a pool “noodle” that I cut in half.  To make the suckers I duct taped (thank goodness for purple Duck Tape!) some purple foam sheets that I’d curved into trough-like shapes, then my daughter glued a bunch of purple buttons to them. 

  2. I handed out candy in a really ornate wizard robe, a tweed jacket, a fez and goggles, (and pants, too, of course). 

    So, I was pretty much myself, actually.

    Keith, you can dress up as Sam the Eagle from the Muppet Show next year. 

  3. This year I disappointed my co-workers by not wearing a costume. Since Halloween fell on a Monday the decision was made not to have an office party. I was, however, going to be Edgar Allan Poe, which I’d already put together for a short film:

    In previous years I’ve been Rorschach, Hannibal Lecter, Detective Columbo, an Andorian, a gargoyle, Harpo Marx, and Albert Einstein.

  4. As has become habit in recent years, I dressed as a hikikomori and stayed home. Which was a shame. Perhaps I don’t know enough people who haven’t grown up.

  5. My costume was simpler than in prior years.  I cut off my long hair about a year ago and people kept saying I looked like Conan O’Brien, so I went with it.

    Picture of me in a thrift store suit and teased up hair. I got better at the hair but don’t have a picture of that.

  6. Am I the only one here who thought “Ew!” at the phrase ‘cheap blue contact lenses I picked up at a gas station’? 

    Like, you were going to put them on your eyeballs?  Shudder…

  7. Okay, so my image link seems to not be working; here’s a second try.  This is me in a thrift store suit and teased up hair.

      1. Heh, thanks. I had some fake big teeth, but they were impossible to talk with, so they were gone before really any photos were taken. And the moustache is real, I shaved most of what you grew for Conan!

  8. Being from a Boston suburb post stormageddon, we’re dressing as people trying to stay warm in their dark, 50 degree home !

    But slightly more seriously, like much-maligned Keith* upthread, I have some dis-ease about Halloween. I love some of the creative costumes that folks come up with and have partaken in many a party myself, but I also can’t help but feel that Halloween is becoming more and more comodified and adult-focused rather that home-made and kid-centric. I especially hate the “ho-ification” of commercial costumes; I die a little inside every time I see a 5 year old “sexy witch”.

    *also, I heart curmudgeons.

  9. Don’t have the costume on at the moment, but Walter White, S01E01, green shirt, tighty whities, handgun tucked in the back, gas mask and the most appropriate Hallowe’en treat… blue meth.

  10. I was able to exploit my morbid obesity this year. A crew of 6″ action figures from the dollar store, attached to anchor points on my clothing with lengths of string… runaway parade balloon!

  11. Airport body scanner.  Outside the scanner is a businessman trying to catch a plane;  secrets you can’t keep from the TSA are inside  (illuminated by the  faux radiation of a strobe).

    I’ve got to compliment the costume competition: the crab boat Time Bandit from Deadliest Catch, except the crabs have seized the ship.   Note the little slicker-suited crew tied inside the traps like bait:

  12. I made some mechanical bat wings out of Lego Technic and a bin liner [edit: but the links don’t seem to work. Grr.]

  13. My friends and I did a group costume as Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Clockwise from the left, we have Sir Didymus, The Junk Lady, Ludo, Jareth the Goblin King, Baby Toby, Sarah, and the Labyrinth personified. I wish we had a better group photo.

  14. I used about 500 Post-Its and went as the guy on the Office Space poster:

    Great thread! I love Halloween and Boing Boing!

  15. I’m going as Emma Goldman to take my little girl out trick or treating tonight…. and she’s dressing as a member of Kraftwerk from the Man Machine era.  “If I can’t dance to Kraftwerk, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”  Or some such. I should note by daughter and husband made an led light up tie for her costume. I just threw on some victorianish clothes that I had and a hat…

  16. I went as a modern-day Snow White. I’m a school teacher, so I wanted to appeal to the kids. These were all pieces I either had or purchased but would wear again (just not together).

  17. I’m myself in negative.  Not a Drow!  Left is my makeup, and right is the same image inverted.  Heavily influenced by the Greyscales!

  18. On Saturday I was a maneki neko (complete with collar & ryo coin) and tonight I’m riding my bicycle dressed as Lara Croft!

  19. my wife and i went to a party saturday night dressed as a drug-sniffing dog and a kabuki-esque lady samurai.

  20. “Sadly, the cheap blue contact lenses I picked up at a gas station wouldn’t go into my eyes successfully.”

    Never mind.

    The red ones are Teh Awesome!

  21. My husband and I went as steampunk insects; a moth and a bumble bee. I made the papier-mache and plaster moth mask and altered a blouse and skirt from the thrift store. I was carrying an LED in a lantern (you know, moths following a light…)

    My husband made a bumble bee gas-mask out of wire, mesh, plaster and fake yellow fur with awesome tanks (they’re mostly cardboard but they really look heavy duty).

  22. Not a single person knew who I was on Saturday…I was a little disappointed.  Wild Zero! 

  23. I’m running out of blond men with beards, having already been young Obi-Wan and the Dude, so this year I proved my cultural irrelevance as Sonny Crockett. A few other old-timers recognized me. Last year I was a conehead (plants vs.) zombie.

  24. I was the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  It was a hit, I almost won the “concept” category of the costume contest. & yes, I made it myself!

  25. I made my son a train costume. Not content to be a generic choo-choo, the little trainspotter specifically wanted to be a GE Dash 9. Here he is posing alongside a real one.

  26. I went as a modified Monster from the previous How to Make a Monster thread. I won three costume contests- thank you boingboing!

  27. Me and the family – as an Australian, we don’t traditionally celebrate Halloween with the same fervour that Americans do – what we did we consider “an effort”. Having said that, it was all very last minute – we only realised that Tuesday was a public holiday on Sunday, which put us more in the mood. 

    Started as us and the young girl next door from my son’s class, her father and her friend. Then we bumped into two others that weren’t even going to knock on doors. Ended up being ~12 children and ~6 adults for a wonderful evening – fun and friendly, community building. 

  28. Most of my energy went towards doing my 5 yr old son’s costume (Luke Skywalker, the original version).  My nominal costume was a black cat, but judging from my consumptive coughing fits I was actually something far scarier — a contagion vector for the 2011 Toronto Plague.

  29. In order to not have 100 posts – but awesome costumes. I love the muppets nanny, the Spirit (fun fact, my oldest comic book is a “Spirit” comic.), and the photo negative especially.

    I flaked out this year. I just wore my ren fair outfit, but I got a new tricorn, which zipped it forward about 200 years in history. I also got to carry my rapier and main gauche, but used frogs made of duct tape because my real leather ones are not done yet.

    Last year I wore my silk mandarin shirt and staff to be a passable father to my girl’s Mulan.

    The year before THAT I found a bitchin’ purple 80’s suit and went as the joker. It was the first time I ever wore make up. (well, no, I guess I had some when I went as death in 3rd grade). It was the year everyone was Heath Ledger’s version, but I went as the more classy comic book one.  Too bad I didn’t have a good picture taken of me, but here is one post trick or treating.

  30. About half a pound of rhinestones plus a plastic mask and some acrylic fingernails led to a pretty decent “For the Love of God” costume. Fortunately I know a lot of art majors so I only had to explain this one about five times.

  31. I wore the impaled skateboarder costume again and got better pics this year:

  32. A shot of mid-creation. I used bamboo slats and poles to make the frame, the entire thing was about 3 kilos when fully skinned and toothy. The teeth are made from paper-based clay, painted and covered in glue to preserve the shape. Farming plastic sheets for the skin. The final costume also had arms and legs, clawed hands and feet.

  33. Two words: Daft Fett

    I had cycling colored LEDs, and a built in sound system, which I Thoroughly abused at work :D

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