DHS seeks intelligence on "domestic threats" from Twitter traffic


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  1. Cocomaan says:

    So, there were no guidelines before, but she promises that they haven’t been looking at social media. Booooooogus!

    As someone said during Philly’s meeting to pick the site of the protests, “Just remember, we are being watched”.

  2. Guest says:

    Those skill sets are, imho, usually mutually exclusive. Twitter bores the kinds of hands-on people that actually DO the sorts of things that yield terrorism. 

    Targeting twitter etc… only makes sense if you’re afraid of talk, which seems to be the case.

  3. John Fleming says:

    #suitcasenuke, anyone?

  4. I’m curious at what point the concept of “radically restructure government, reduce law enforcement, increase civil liberties, and empower citizens to fight radical capitalism” will be considered a “domestic threat”.

  5. Someone should tweet (unquoted) “EXEC sp_MSforeachtable @command1 = “DROP TABLE ?” #occupywallstreet #ows” or something similar that would actually work. (I have no idea how to write code)

  6. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    One of the biggest “domestic threats” to America IS the Department of Homeland Security.  Sort of like the old house unamerican activities committee was very unamerican.   DHS should be abolished.  If we need some government agency snooping around in someones underwear drawer we still have the FBI, DOJ, DEA, etc..

  7. Svenn Diagram says:

    I sometimes feel sorry for people in intelligence. Here’s all this information that people are blasting into the public sphere via whatever bit of social media, but they get shit for even thinking about looking at it. Until, of course, something happens and then come the “look the attackers had a Facebook group how did you not see that?” questions from the Senate Subcommittee on 20/20 hindsight.

  8. Improbus Liber says:

    Domestic threats?  You mean like citizens exercising their Constitutional rights?

  9. Kaibaman says:

    I had read the full Article at the AP and I can tell you this just but reading it two times,the Government is afraid of us plain and simple. DHS,The White House,Obama and the Government in general always praises Egypt and Syria and other countries that use Social Media to try and say “Hey Bad Shit is happening to us,Help Us” And or take matters to their own hands and help organize a Protest and Our Government is ok for other countries to do such,YET THEIR SOOOOOOOO FUCKING TERRIFIED WHEN US THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO SO! Something is wrong with that logic don’t you agree?

  10. Andrew Singleton says:

    IT’s all well and good to support populist uprisings till said uprising wants to overthrow you.

    Sad thing is #OWS isn’t looking for overthrow. Just a redress of wrongs and to seek a balanced living arrangement.

  11. Baldhead says:

    Dear DHS: You haven’t found any domestic terrorists because if there in fact are any, they have outsmarted you at every turn. Mostly because you are an elephant and they are flies.

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