New Yorkers in Marie Antoinette costumes throw Let Them Eat Cake protest at mayor's mansion

Cries of "Let them eat cake!" rang out Sunday evening at the @OccupyGracie event outside of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's Gracie Mansion.

While we rallied outside, New York City's exceedingly out of touch Mayor for the 1% was hosting an intimate dinner party for Senators and corporate executives to urge the SuperCommittee to "go big" and cut $4 trillion in federal spending.

But these peasants did not want cake. They want jobs. The stunt was organized by a group calling itself The Jobs Party. More on the event here. Photos courtesy of Jobs Party. (via Molly Crabapple)


  1. If they are so intent on repeating history surely they are ready to put their necks in the guillotine! 

  2. At first, I thought that you were saying that they threw the cake itself at the mansion, and I was all like, “Damn, that’s a waste of one fine-ass cake.”

    1. Throwing cakes at the mayor’s mansion would have been a memorable method of protest, that’s for sure. Waste of delicious cake though.

  3. Am I going to have to be the insufferable jerk who mentions that the “Let them eat cake” quote has been incorrectly attributed to Marie Antoinette?  Ugh, yeah, I guess so.

  4. These kind of actions are great.  Would love to see more public shaming at these high dollar private events.

  5. I hate to point out that our Mr. Burns-like Billionaire Mayor has never resided at Gracie Mansion.  Apparently, it isn’t up to his standards of luxury.
    Edited to add: it probably falls to his underpaid cleaning staff to have to clean the cake off of the mansion, which kind of sucks for them. A fine gesture but not winning any support for the movement from the folks who have to work there.

  6. The irony is that “let them eat cake” was the supposed response to the issue of the masses having no bread to eat. But in this case, if the people can afford not only to buy cake, but also to throw it away instead of eating it, well, they’re really not that hungry. 

  7. I see some replies here are having a comprehension problem, the word Throw in the headline is throw as in throw a party not throw as in throw a baseball. No cake was thrown at anything.

  8. I stand corrected, sir.  I saw ‘cake’ and ‘throw’ in the same sentence and my imagination ran inevitably amok.  

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