Planet of the Apes painting by Jason Edmiston


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  1. Shibi_SF says:

    Interesting.  Comment trolls all look like Jesus with hairless legs.

  2. daneyul says:

    While I am not a fan of their actions, I do have to admit the Oakland police have some pretty cool uniforms.

  3. Stefan Jones says:

    “I thought Boing Boing is supposed to be about wonderful things. Now it’s nothing but post after post of paintings of apes.”

  4. GeekMan says:

    If I’m not mistaken, this is inspired by a shot in the original film, where in the aftermath of the hunt, a trio of apes is shown having their photo taken by another.

    “Smile!” says the photographer. 

  5. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    They are pretty buff for what I imagine most comment trolls to look like.

    Bloodless kills?  Come on, all hunters love their gore.

    • Andrew Singleton says:

      ‘all hunters love their gore.’

      Nah. You ruin the pelt that way. Plus it’s a show of skill that you can kill them without dismembering the body.

  6. Dan Barrett says:

    I think this is from the book Conspiracy on the Planet of the Apes

  7. Alvis says:

    Are those guns supposed to be modeled after a real-world design? It’s weird-looking.

  8. spacemunky says:

    I initially assumed this painting was based on a picture of private security contractors yukking it up in Iraq.

    Then I felt sad for expecting that.

  9. dragonfrog says:

    Uh oh.  Those comment trolls look a lot like me.  Except for the lack of body hair.

    (looks over shoulder)

  10. Meanwhile, the chimpanzees (a middle-class signifier) are at #OccupyThePlanetOfTheApes

    Alvis:  The guns are apparently a modified M1 carbine.

    A Hi-Point Carbine has the same aesthetic.

  11. lewis_stoole says:

    this is what happens when you stalk the wily vegans of slope park.

  12. There were so many low budget sequels in the original film series.  Does anyone else besides me remember Fear and Loathing on the Planet of the Apes?

  13. russ says:

    I love the artwork.  One ape should have his foot up on top of a kill, signifying his superior presence.  ahhh ohh ohh. agh.

  14. Kill? Meh. The lack of wounds on the humans can only mean this trio of armed gorillas happened upon a narcoleptic pack of feral homosexuals.

  15. Mister44 says:

    Where are the other photos of them placing the bodies in inappropriate poses?

  16. ahwoo says:

    Hey, it’s the 1% !

  17. planettom says:

    RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES was pretty good.  But if would have been better with more giant squid.

  18. chellberty says:

    Does he have any paintings from abu ghrapes.

  19. fnc says:

    I wonder if the gorillas on the Planet of the Apes wear human costumes on Halloween.

  20. benher says:

    At least the artist got my troll-like likeness right.

  21. Hubris Sonic says:

    Damn dirty apes…

  22. Petzl says:

    The artist lost some major irony points there.  One the things I find most baffling about the “successful hunt” photos is when the hunter, kneeling by his prize, cradles the head of the dead animal so that it squarely face the camera.  The juxtaposition of the hunters face– sometimes sullen, sometimes beaming with pride– and the animal’s– often eyes askew, tongue extended– can be very jarring.  You can destroy something beautiful.  Good for you!

  23. rtresco says:

    Are they like the comment trolls in the MS Courier post?

  24. Zack Seas says:

    “When the LORD your God hands it over to you, KILL EVERY MAN in the town.  But you may KEEP for yourselves all the women, CHILDREN ,.., and other PLUNDER.    You may ENJOY the SPOILS of your enemies that the LORD your God has given you.”  Deuteronomy 20:10-14

  25. Paul says:

    Wow, wish we knew about this guy when we were working on our PotA books…

  26. benher says:

    Obviously God’s expanding his sexual horizons by Deuteronomy.

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