Terry Pratchett on Snuff

Did you catch Neil Gaiman's interview with Terry Pratchett on his latest novel, Snuff? We're delighted to follow-up with a short video of Sir Terry discussing such things as the inability of detectives to successfully go on holiday, and the slightly worrying quality of doing something for a living that you like to do anyway. [Thanks, Rachel!]


  1. I got a little choked up there when he dropped into the past tense when describing his career and the fun he had writing all those books.

    It really sounded like this book may be the last. :(

  2. Also, The Colour of Magic ebook (Kindle, Sony Reader, others?) version is now $.99 with an excerpt of Snuff. http://www.amazon.com/Color-Magic-Bonus-Material-ebook/dp/B005UD1E2A 

  3. Mike Norman

    I wouldnt worry too much that this would be his last book – Terry’s got quite a few more in him yet. He now dictates his books and says that if he knew it would be easier to do it this way – he’d have done it years ago. He has I think 3 lined up already and I for one will read them as long as he writes them.

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