Mike Tyson Quotes: The Song

[Video Link] JustDaveMusic made a song using Mike Tyson Quotes for the lyrics. (Via World's Best Ever)


    1. From all accounts, his new found mellowness owes a great deal to huge handfulls of prescription brain drugs.

      So we have a lot to thank Zoloft for. But mostly for the fact that he hasn’t killed and eaten a man.

  1. Hannibal rode elephants into cartilage.   When he first said Hannibal, I thought he was going to make a comparison with Dr. Lector, but the direction it actually took made me sputter coffee all over my monitor.  Thanks, Mark.  lmao  This shit just can’t be written, can it?

  2. Really interesting!  During the first time I listened to it, I found it really funny and ridiculous as the quotes kept showing up, but the last chorus of the song made me want to hear the whole thing again, and I think after the initial shock it’s actually a melancholy, kind of sad and beautiful thing.  Still a LITTLE funny, just for how blunt everything is.  That chorus ends up being wonderful–that seventh chord sells the whole thing for me.

    1. Yeah, I was initially expecting something techno-ish, but by the end chorus I was fondly remembering Ben Folds’ “Boxing”…

  3. one that i always loved was when mike was talking about razer ruddick and said ” how dare you talk to me that way, i can’t wait. i’m gonna make you my girlfriend.”

  4. oh yeah, i found it. an extra quote from there ” youre sweet, make sure you kiss me good with those big lips”

  5. Amazing how an earnest voice and guitar transform spiteful words into almost an act of contrition for saying them.

  6. This would have been far more enjoyable if:

    A. It wasn’t a song, and was just a list of crazy Mike Tyson Quotes. Your song was bad. Very bad.

    2. They didn’t use every bad typeface known to man, all mixed together, in the video. Ridiculous.

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