Startling photo of volcanic lightning

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No, this is not a still from the Radiers of the Lost Ark scene when the ark is opened, but an absolutely magnificent image of southern Chile's Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcano spewing lightning-topped ash. Wow. Ricardo Mohr's photo was selected as one of National Geographic's "Pictures We Love: Best of October."


  1. i love living in an era where “volcanic lightning photos” are a legit sub-genre…..this doesn’t quite have the full-on Balrog thing going like the last highly publicized batch did, but still epic (if a bit tiny)

    1. does this photo mean that Bill Murray is no longer holding up the new ghostbusters film or reboot?

  2. so you’re trying to tell me that there’s not a hell-spawned demon in the middle of that thing?  i refuse to believe it.

  3. As if a blizzard of lightening strikes caused by a volcano weren’t bad enough, this sort of thing causes all birds within a fifty mile radius to take to the air and void their bowels.

  4. “Nay, this is no weather of the world. This is some device of his malice, some broil of fume from the Mountain of Fire that he sends to darken hearts and council.”

  5. Imagine the rich mythological life of civilizations who arose in the presence of that.

    Sun-staring desert death-cults are just great and all, but the classic quote would have been much more interesting if the author had said “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a leopard skin and riding a giant feathered snake out of a lighting-crowned cloud of volcanic ash.”

  6.  I want to belong to a civilization that terraforms planets and then hosts parties on them where everyone sits on blankets and sets these volcano lightning storms off for fun.

  7. KABLLLLLOOWOWWWWWWWWWW!!! PSSSHHHWWWWAAAAAWWwwmmmmm krrrssshh psshhooomm krssshhh!!!!

    rumble rumble!!

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