HTC Rezound

Ars Technica's Casey Johnston checks out a new Android handset designed to be good at playing music: "we're not sold"


  1. A more appropriate quote may be “we’re not sold on the handset at this price, its camera and audio quality are excellent”

    1. But that would make it seem like it would be a potential alternative to the iPhone.. we can’t have that here!

  2. And yet the fact remains that they are not sold on it, whatever the reasons, and all the dutiful hedging around how nice the hardware features are amounts to “this might do if you don’t want a better deal, such as all the other Android smartphones on LTE.”

  3. The Samsung Nexus S actually has very decent audio capabilities thanks to its Wolfson DAC, which is completely underutilised by the stock Android ROM. CyanogenMod with DSPManager or any of the ROMs/kernels with the Voodoo audio enhancement will turn it into an excellent player.

    Now if only the damn thing had more onboard memory, or an actual SD slot…

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