Hedgehog after a bath

For no real reason, here is a picture of a cute hedgehog.

Image: Acorn is displeased after a bath., a Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivative-Works (2.0) image from justinandelise's photostream


  1. Go on then, I’ll give it a reason. Make sure there’s no hedgehogs in your bonfire before lighting it. They like the piles of sticks to hibernate in. Bonfire night (in UK) is tomorrow night. Don’t know if any other northern culture is having fires soon off the top of my head. 

    1. “Make sure there’s no hedgehogs in your bonfire”
      If there’s a hedgehog in your bonfire, don’t be alarmed now.
      It’s just a Spring clean for the May Queen.

    1. I should show you a picture of his feet sometime but I will not in case you are eating. Acorn is never bothers to clean himself and he has no problem walking through his own fresh poop.

    1. You should totally meet Acorn because he makes it very clear when he is displeased. He makes a hufffing rumble sound and the spikes on his forehead move forward so he looks like he is furrowing his brow! The bath thing is even more painfully obvious. He has a wheel he loves running on (we say it is the only thing he likes) and he has the supremely nasty habit of pooping while running. The nature of pooping on a wheel is that it will be stepped in over and over! His bath is just standing in a shallow pan of warm water to clean his stinkfeet!

  2. Hi Maggie, Thanks so much for posting my photo (actually my husband’s photo because I am the hands in the picture). 

  3. What do you mean Mathilde? I just have him stand in a a shallow sinkful or pan of warm water to clean his feet. Please let me know if that is unhealthy… I don’t want to harm him. 

  4. @google-267a37a6b3913805c2c0954c069905fa:disqus :

    This FAQ mentions that bathing hedgehogs might be bad because of the possibility of drowning, so I think the shallow pan idea may not be a bad one.  Obviously you should do a little research of your own since I didn’t work too hard to find this:


    And they had some other tips for cleaning hedgehogs.


    Yknow, my python boot is too tight
    I couldnt get it off last night
    A week went by, an now it’s july
    I finally got it off
    An my girl-friend cry
    You got stink foot! stink foot, darlin
    Your stink foot puts a hurt on my nose!
    Stink foot! stink foot! I aint lyin,
    Can you rinse it off, dyou suppose?

    -Frank Zappa

    1. Thanks Daniel! I will look into it more. I never leave him alone while he is in water for that reason. Besides, How can I take my eyes off him when he is being cute and huffing around with wet feet!

  5. I cant’ see if   he’s a European or an African one, but it’s easy for hedgehogs to get cold, mostly when they’re young as that one in the picture… they can easily go into  hypothermia.

    1. Thanks for elaborating Mathilde, I was worried. He is an african pygmy hedgehog and he is actually a little old man… 4 or 5 years old now. I appreciate your concern. I hope you are comforted that in this specific situation, his washwater was warm and so were his towels and the lap he dried off on. When he is dry, he lives in his cage where he has a heat pad and an overhead heat lamp. He is a high maintenance dude!

  6. there’s a doctor here, in a city near mine (in Italy), which is a great expert on these animals…When I find an hedgehogs, I always ask him before do  anything, and he said to me that it’s dangerous to make them feel cold. Do you have this hedgehog from a long time?

    1. Yes. We have kept him for around four years now but I can’t remember exactly when we got him. He is “secondhand” and was bought from a pet store by a teenager who didn’t realize how much work they can be and how uh… fragrant they are so we took him in when he was about a year old. I think it is possible that his early life is part of the reason he does not like humans despite our efforts. I think it is very hard to give a pet hedgehog a good life and that makes me really sad but we will do our best for him.

  7. :-)
    so, you’re a great hedgehogs friend (we say “mamma-riccia”) and yours is a beautiful little old man  ;-)
    I was worried, because many people take these animals but do not know how to treat them, but now i’m very comforted.I’ve an European one now, hich is too little fat to get through the hibernation, so he (or she: I’ve not found out yet) is going to  stay with me until April :-)

    1. Thanks for caring about the spiny creatures! I appreciate that you are caring for one from the wild. I would love to see a picture.

    1. Thank you for sharing that. It doesn’t matter what sort of mood I’m in. Seeing a hedgehog, even in a picture,  for some reason just makes me so happy I want to cry. I think it’s because the darn things are so cute.

      I’ll never forget the afternoon I was sitting on the lawn of an English manor reading a book. I’d been quiet and still for some time and a hedgehog came out near me and started walking around on its spindly legs eating beetles. I wanted to laugh but restrained myself because I didn’t want to scare it. I ended up sitting very still in one position for over an hour because I didn’t want to interrupt the hedgehog’s activities.

  8. That’s a great punk hairstyle if I’ve ever seen one! Just needs an ear-piercing and a leather jacket with bondage trousers and he’d be perfect. Cute lil’ critter.

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