Yarn-bombed music video by Seventeen Evergreen


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  1. Shazbot says:

    While this is amazing, I liked it better when I misread the first word as “Yam-bombed.”

  2. millie fink says:

    That was hella fun!

  3. Guest says:

    Knitting AND bowling in one video?  Get outta my head!

  4. David Forbes says:

    Mmmmm, thrift! I used to spend way too much time there. There’s a certain smell to a thrift store.

    Once, I scored a Teac tape deck exactly like the one in the video. 

  5. spacemunky says:

    It’s Ragman’s Batdance

  6. Snig says:

    Cautionary tale on the use of nanotechnology in fabric. 

  7. orangedesperado says:

    Is the art director a big fan of Nick Cave’s (the artist from Chicago, not the musician)Soundsuits ?

  8. benjarwar says:

    Forcefield/Ft. Thunder ripoff!

  9. orangedesperado says:

    Did the art director just purchase a copy of Phyllis Galembo’s “Maske”?:

  10. Jonathan Waldmann says:

    It’s a fantastic video. Thank-you for posting. It’s more enjoyable though, if you watch it muted.

  11. Cardinal Biggles says:

    It’s good to see balaclavas back in music videos-  they seemed to vanish around 9/11, which probably assisted the demise of balaclava-clad groups like TISM. Must go- have to get to Youtube for some nostalgia …

  12. Reuben Rova says:

    Enjoying the polarity of life is more rewarding when you are at the positive end of the spectrum and I want to change polarity. 
    I’d rather be a proton than a neutron.
    The electrons always have more potential on the other side.

  13. moz moz says:

    Looks like the wool bodysuit fetishists are stepping out of the  closet

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