Prisoner's toothpick replicas of Final Fantasy weapons

A prisoner in Wales made these astounding Final Fantasy weapons out of toothpicks, only to have them confiscated because they were so realistic that the prison authorities felt that they constituted a threat to safety. It's this kind of dogged, enthusiastic creativity that makes dinners with my Welsh in-laws so exciting!

Prisoner Builds Final Fantasy Swords out of Matchsticks (via Neatorama)


      1. I was more impressed when I thought they were each carved from a single toothpick.

        Or all carved from a single toothpick.

      2. My train of thought exactly, at the top of the thread.
        And I can’t see the full picture, as I’ve got the Murdoch Block extension installed in my browsers.
        Then a question came to mind – why would prison guards confiscate lilliputian weapons?

        But now that that’s been cleared up, the question arises – how does an inmate get so many toothpicks in his possession?  Does he smuggle them into his cell, one at a time, after dinner?

    1. Yikes, according to that article they were actually deadly sharp.  Kind of scared but impressed with his attention to detail at the same time.

  1. I’ve not played FF but I first thought the three swords on the left were from anime series. The reverse blade on the far left from Ruroni Kenshin and the next two being Zanpakuto from Bleach…

  2. Little did the guards know that they had, by doing this, foiled his elaborate plan to build a single real weapon and hide it amongst the elaborate but entirely nonfatal toothpick weapons so that when they least expected it he could escape double-wielding golden katanas made of tin foil and highlighter parts.

  3. I love that the Buster Sword has materia in it.  XD  Looks like on support, one command, and one summon.  Only problem, Cloud’s Buster Sword only had two slots, not three.
    Oh wow…I need a life.

  4. They were probably confiscated because not all the people who work in prisons are long lost grandchildren of Einstein.

    Dillinger got out with a gun like piece of wood made black with shoe polish.

    Virgil Starkwell got out with a similar looking gun made of soap (well for a while anyway).

    Einstein may have seen through it but some of those guards are ex-bus drivers.


  5. Jailers are not the brightest bunch. Confiscating these flaccid tooth-pic creations looks a bit silly…I don’t often go to jail – but when I do, the jailers swiftly confiscate my cod-piece.

  6. Yikes, according to that article they were actually deadly sharp.

    That is clearly flagrant exaggeration on the part of someone down the chain.  Maybe canonically they’re razor-sharp, but these replicas sure don’t look like anything of the kind.

    Also, is that really the Buster Sword?  The bright-red handle inspires vague recollections of some weapon from elsewhere that looked similar, but maybe my mind is playing tricks on me.

  7. In many British prisons inmates eat in their cells. I know this because there was a prisoner who managed to use torn-up strips of aluminium food trays, brown sauce (think something like A-1 steak sauce) and the power socket in his cell to electrolyse away the bars on the window. I think he boasted about it, though- the guards noticed when he was one bar short of being able to get out.

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