Welcome to Kitty City - new video from Cyriak

Video Link. This is why Cyriak is my favorite animator on the net. Sometimes, I suspect that he is the internet, trying to communicate with us in a language it thinks we understand.

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  1. Cat-erpillars?  I visited Kitty City and now want to go home.  I propose the name be changed to Disturbia and all off ramps to Kitty City be closed.

  2. I think he’s my favorite too.

    And as a musician (classical pianist), I’ll add one other opinion: he’s a fantastic composer too. His music is always a big cut above the rest.

    1. Sorry endymion.  I am a classical guitarist and find Cyriak’s compositions in his animations to be repetitive and tear-inducing.

  3. Cyriak’s work never ceases to amaze/disturb/surprise me. I’m at a loss for words…or perhaps my mind is still lost in Kitty City.

    I do have to agree that this particular work is the internet crammed into a video transmission for all of us ponder. Well said Rob.

  4. “I suspect that he is the internet, trying to communicate with us in a language it thinks we understand.”
    This is a magical sentence of truth.

  5. Sometimes, I suspect that he is the internet, trying to communicate with us in a language it thinks we understand.

    That’s probably the best summary I’ve seen so far.

    1. You could also throw this video up with Future Sound of London as the audio track and it would fit right in.  ala MTV Amp.

  6. I like Cyriak, but Joel Veitch will always have my heart.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch some kittens perform Elbow’s cover of “Independent Woman.”

    1. Like you, Jayson, I prefer Joel Veitch’s efforts to Cyriak.  Joel is twisted in all the right ways, when Cyriak has you wishing you took one less LSD tab than you did.  Even if you didn’t take any at all.  That, in and of itself, shows that Cyriak is quite brilliant.  But my brain can only take so much.  This recent effort of Cyriak’s has me wishing that I didn’t have to sleep.  Either way, Kitty City is as close to taking an acid trip without actually tripping as it is possible to get.  It makes me wonder what it would be like when viewed 90 degrees from reality.  Would it even be strange at that point?

  7. Cyriak’s clip called “Cycles” is a wonder to behold (the one linked to above about Teddy Bears).

  8. Well, so that’s what Louis Wain would have produced if he had modern animation tools rather than just oil paints. Good to know.

  9. Watching Cyriak’s videos makes me feel so much less alone in my insanity. I think he and I see the same world when we close our eyes. I am so, so, so much less talented, however.

  10. I am almost always a fan of non-sequitur and chaos. I like things that push envelopes and bend realities and play with the universe. I even like pointless things that look cool.

    I am not sure, however, that I am getting anything from this video…

  11. I know what this reminds me of now! Yoshi’s Island with a touch of snes Donkey Kong graphics in a lolcat sammich with a sprinkling of EarthBound.

  12. I have added this to my Youtube faves and forwarded it to about twenty people. I have watched it seventeen times. I love the fractal cat legs.


    Sorry to go on and on about Occupy. It’s just that Occupy Houston had two marches in the last six days and I’m totally reved. Get out there y’all

  13. Sometimes, I suspect that he is the internet, trying to communicate with us in a language it thinks we understand.

    Ah, so the internet thinks we’re made of cats.

  14. Here we have definitive proof that not all YouTube cat videos are unbearably cute. 

    Now if someone could just disprove Godwin’s Law, I’m pretty sure the internet would fold in half like a cardboard trampoline that’s been left in the rain.

  15. I was less confused by this video than his earlier ones. The whole cats-growing-cats-out-of-their-cats thing… he’s done it already, with sheep, and cows, and hands, and spirally human faces.

    Not that I don’t LIKE it, it just doesn’t do much that he hasn’t done before.

  16. My god…I can’t even imagine the cost of spaying and neutering exponentially reproducing fractal cats. How do you even spay or neuter a fractal cat?

  17. ooooooooooooooooooookay.  Between this and the Codex Seraphinianus link, I can sincerely thank BoingBoing for making sure that my Monday, nay, my entire WEEK, will be nonproductive. 

    Yes to everyone RE “this is like dropping acid.”  I cannot un-see this.

  18. Erm… as of 3:23 Eastern, Kitty City has been replaced with… something extremely lame.  I was looking forward to another viewing.  Oh well, off to YouTube…

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