Pirate Party mysteriously barred from exhibiting at Sweden's Gamex

Sweden's Pirate Party says it was avidly courted by the sales staff for Gamex, the largest games conference in the country. The party bought a booth and went to some expense arranging to have it decorated and staffed. At the last minute, Gamex mysteriously banned the Pirate Party from exhibiting at the show, saying the conference was "a venue for political conflict and the party’s presence could cause problems" (despite the fact that other political organizations are exhibiting there).


  1. Give that some of the larger names on the initial billboard are practically a who’s who of DRM-enthused titans of ‘content’ I’m not too surprised. It would be very interesting to know who actually did the pressuring, though…

  2. Wait… a political party was banned because gamex IS a vanue for political conflict?
    That sounds like the exact reason to have them aorund.

  3. I’ve seen a bunch of ads for Gamex on the subway for the past week or so (I saw one yesterday, in fact), and they prominently listed the Pirate Party as one of the exhibitors.

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